Sunday, October 19, 2014

Leaving host family

I left my host family today it was very emotional, for other family's too. Now we're on a bus to big city Nikko. I had lots of fun with them, they gave me souvenirs and I found out that they own a shop in EON MALL, I went in there shop and it was very japanesey I miss my host family.


  1. Are you enjoying the food Juddy? Enjoy the rest of your trip and all the sightseeing. Look forward to hearing your stories when you get back because you're a man of few words! Love Nanna Nicki xx

  2. Wow juddy! You're so busy. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with your host family. They will miss you too I am certain. You will keep in touch and that is something special. Enjoy the rest of your tour. Zahlia is enjoying all the attention here but missing you a lot. We all are but love hearing your news. We went to Luna park today (I think zahlia wanted to go there because you are going yo Disneyland!!!!!) xx

  3. Judson, sounds like you’re having the most amazing time. We’ve stayed in touch with a student from Japan who stayed with us 13 years ago! Like Mum said, stay in touch and you will have a friend for life who you can visit in years to come!

    Have a wonderful last couple of days.

    Mrs. Thomas
    Prep T