Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday Aaron

Aaron is speaking again
On Tuesday I woke up from my futons I woke up first out of everybody then we all woke up got up got changed into clothes had Breakfast we had hash browns noodles etc. After that I got my backpack and put it on the stage then we all had to pack our futons like folding them the blanket mattress etc after that went into the gym played ball tigger and piggy in the middle the bus arrived put our suitcases in and we were on the way to Tokyo. We had a toilet stop after that we stopped at this place can't remember what it was called I had a burger for lunch. Went back on the bus to this temple we had to take our shoes off it was a beautiful place there statue's then took a hour to get to Tokyo got there we staying in a hotel called Metropolitan Hotel  sleeping with Sam and Cameron. We had a shower got into pyjamas went to bed I couldn't get to sleep it took me awhile. I had a sleep had breakfast we got on the bus stopped at a animation place watched a movie looked at stuff etc.

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