Monday, October 20, 2014

Kegon falls

Today we started of the day with Assembly well not really we skyped and we told them about what we were doing and how we were sleeping. Then we went to a shrine. My favorite was the Kegon falls  and it was magnificent. I bought myself a thing that looks like a squirrel and it was fluffy. Love you Mum, Dad and Lachie.


  1. Oh sweet heart we love you too! Everyone is loving the blog. Dad is reading your blog but hasn't registered to leave comments. You dad and I are working really hard at the moment to get a few projects finished around the house.
    Aunty Zo asked how you were the other day. Aunty Wanda and Aunty Helen were thrilled to get the link of the blog and are enjoying seeing you photos. Good to hear you bought something for yourself, you have worked hard to save up for spending money. We all are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love always my gorgeous Stephie. xxx Mum.

    1. Thanks Mum sorry I can only write a little love lots Stephie xxx

  2. Hi Steph, this is poppy. It's great that you are having such a wonderful time seeing different things and meeting people. Been reading your messages and love the photos. Missing your gorgeous smile and hugs. See you soon. Love Poppy. XXX