Saturday, September 20, 2014

The people in my host family are the dad, the mum, the older sister,Rena and the host sakura
I can not wait to go to Japan!

Friday, September 19, 2014

My host family has 3 members in it. There father Seki Masa kazu, there mother Asami and their only child Yune who is 12. The mother and father both enjoy skiing, as well the father likes walking. The mother enjoys to not only ski but also to do aerobics, and Yune loves reading and hip hop. They are really looking forward to having me, and I'm looking forward to meeting them. 

My host family have 8 people in their family including their grandparents. They enjoy kendo and I can't wait to meet them.
My host family is really looking forward to celebrating my birthday and so am I

Jack Gleeson

Hi I'm Jack and this is my host family
The dad's name is Nakajima, he is a company director and his hobby is golf.
The mother's name is Keigin and I don't know her hobby
Masahiro is 8, he is in grade 2 and his hobby is soccer
Masahito is 6, he is in grade 1 and his hobby is soccer

And this is who's coming

The kalinda people who are coming are:
• Cameron F
• Sam G
• Jack G
• Lucy D
• Aaron B
• Stephanie M
• Olivia T
• Judson C
• Nelson H
• Max C
• Charlotte R
• Archer T

My host family

There are 4 people in my family the dad, the mum, the older sister (Rena) and the host (Sakura).
my host familys childs name is keisuke and he really likes tennis and games, he is nine and his brother tsukasa  is seven he likes to sing and he likes tennis too. his mum and dad are norie and tomosato, they both like jogging and handicraft and sweet making. cant wait to see them!
This is my host family.
Thier family name is tozawa and the 2 kids are called dai and yu, and this family is a basketball family
My host family is a family of five, Gunji Shigenori as the Dad, Yoko as the Mum, Akito as the child and Kashimura Hisako as the Grandma and a cat. Dads hobby is guitar, Mums hobby is travel, Childs hobby is swimming and Grandmas hobby is cooking.
This is my host family

The dad Toshiaki likes to travel, the mum Mayu likes reading, the older sister Ichino like fashion and singing and the host Haruno likes reading and drawing.

file://localhost/home/her0006/Desktop/photo.JPG this is my host family 

Host Family

That is my host family Ukyo the son Yuki the Mum and Saburo the dad the dad likes Fishing and Motoring  the mum likes Reading and Ukyo Baseball Golf Movie Appreciation and Camera that is cool.I have skyped the the host family the mum was there it was awesome meeting them.

This is the first plane we will be going on.
From melbourne to sydney.

This will be the second plane we will be going on. From sydney to narita

Sam's host family

This my host family
The eldest kid is Shou-un he is 10
The second eldest kid is Nanase she is 8
The third youngest kid is Junsei he is 6
The fourth youngest kid is Misato she is 4
The father is Maruyama
The mother is Noriko 
Every one in my host family likes kendo
I'm so excitited to go to japan only 3 weeks till we're going to japan.
Yeah we are going to japan whoo LoL
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cant wait to see my host family and e-mail them and posibly Skype them. so exited!!!

Stephanie's Host Family

I am excited about going to japan. And this is my host family.
On the left is Akiko and on the right is Misaki

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a handsome group! Boy it was so exciting on Monday when we gave out the shirts and caps.

Monday, September 15, 2014