Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday and Monday about it

On Sunday morning, we woke up from our host families at 6:00. I packed my suitcase. First I got it ready and then got dressed. I told my host family that I had to go to Lilyvale primary school and she said it was alright to take me. I had breakfast, rice with soup etc. Then went to down to the office where the mum and dad work and played some games on the computer. After half an hour, Yuri the mum said it was time to go. I was sad leaving. The dad stayed behind because he had to work. They took photos then we left  it took about 20 minutes, it was a great trip. Then we arrived at the school. Heath was already there. I played with him and Ukyo for a bit. After a while everyone started coming. We put our suitcases down they all took photos etc. Then we had to say goodbye to our host families. I miss them so much. We got on the bus to Nikko. It was a good trip because I would usually go to sleep on a two hour trip. We stopped for toilet breaks and stuff like that. Then we went to the hostel. At about 6:00pm we had dinner. We had fried chicken with noodles and juice. We had to clean up. Then we went into our beds that we chose before. We stopped at Edo Wonderland. It is like a shopping place. We dressed up as ninja. We walked around watching shows about ninja. One of them was called Shadow. It was a good show. After that we got an ice cream. I had vanilla. It was yummy! After that we got back on the bus and went to the hostel. We slept at the hostel. It sleept welI. I woke up and stayed in bed. We all had to stay in bed till seven o'clock. We got up and got dressed. We had breakfast, it was hash browns, egg and ham it was yummy! Then we went on to the bus and went to Toshogu Shrine. We had to take our shoes off. Then we went to Kegon falls, in the mountains. It took 2 hours, but it usually takes 30 minutes, but there was traffic. The whole way through it was very boring. We finally got there. We saw the the Kegon Falls. It was beautiful to see it and then we went back to our hostel.


  1. Thanks for posting so much information Aaron. It really helps to imagine what you kids are doing.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time Aaron! Fantastic post with so much detail. Good to hear you are trying all the food! Enjoy the rest of the trip.

    From Kylie (Archer's mum)