Monday, October 20, 2014

In the hostel

Hi well yesterday we went to Edo Wonderland where you dress up as ninjas and you can watch ninja shows it was SOOO cool and SOOO fun. Today we went to Kegeon falls and it is BUEATIFUL. And tonight we are watching kendo I can't wait.

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  1. Hey Sammy, sounds like you are doing some really cool stuff!!! Can't wait to hear EVERY SINGLE DETAIL when you get home. I showed Georgie the Ninja photos today and she wants you to bring the costume home and be a Ninja with know how much she loves Ninjago. She's a silly-billy, she keeps forgetting you're in Japan and thinks you're outside on your scooter. Lukey is playing Minecraft on your ipad as much as he can, except Georgie filled his world with Endermen. He's not happy. The days are passing by very quickly, so enjoy every moment. See you soon xoxo Mum