Thursday, October 16, 2014


Takeoff is so fun the force when the plane went up I felt really dizzy landing cool as well on the way to Sydney my IPad wasn't working. Then the food came down to us I got a CokeCola and chicken it was really nice after that we landed then we got on another plane it was SOOO big on the seats there was a pillow and a blanket headphones I watched Godzilla and Transformas Age Of Extintion and I got another Coke I got to sleep for about 30 mins.


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  2. Perhaps Coke wasn't such a great idea at midnight!!

  3. Hi Sam, I thought you'd think the plane take off is cool. I bet the force was more than you expected. I am really happy to see your comments because it's good to hear you are enjoying yourself. The photos I've seen of you certainly look as though you are. Make the most of everything you see and do, and I look forward to hearing all about it next week. Luke and George and taking very good care of your ipad and playing it ALL THE TIME! See you soon xxxx Love you