Thursday, October 16, 2014

Archer talks about stuff

The plane ride to Sydney wasn't very good, there was no TV's, only glitching iPads. The ride to Nikko was way better, there were touch screen TV's on every seat and you could watch all these action movies and games. I only slept 12 minutes. I didn't eat for 12 hours and didn't go to the toilet for 18 hours.

Once we arrived in Japan we drove a long way to this hotel called Daiwa hotel. We set up our beds then went to the big shop thingo. We bought a tone of food for lunch. There were massive as apples the size of my face! I also bought this crazy awesome banana toy thingamajig that can ride up escalators it self.

We went back to the hotel and showered and all that kinda stuff. Afterwards we had a walk around Nikko and (don't tell Chery)l but I broke a street light and it totally spazzed out.

The next day was the first day at school. They do periods and the total number of hours is 7! Sam and I are in the same grade with our host brother Shoun. Even though in class we have no clue what the heck they are saying, it still is fun playing charades with the students cause we can't understand them.

After school I went back to my host family's house and on the ride home, they don't wear seat belts. The four year old sister, Misato, was in the front seat with no seat belt standing up and no car seat singing Let it go from Frozen. Jensei the little brother fell asleep and everyone in the car started playing with his face. Misato started punching him in the chest and he woke up crying.

For dinner we had fried chicken stuff, a cake and cheese pizza. Jack came over with his family and the little kids were playing sword fighting. After tea I learnt how to Kemdama and I am now boss.
Once Jack went home, me and Sam had a really super duper hot bath (we had bathers on so don't worry) we were practically swimming in it, it was that deep.

The next day was the same as the other school day.


By the way mum we are not allowed to skype because "It's an adventure for us and we are not relying  on our family to ruin it."



  1. Wow archer it's the best thing I've ever heard, your so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for putting so much information in Archer. I can almost imagine myself there with you all.

  3. Arch, I am so impressed with all the details. Thank you! I loved reading about it (not sure about the street light though?? And no toilet for 18 hours??). You write in as much detail as dad when he is away - he will love reading it when he gets home from work. So glad you are having a great time..... I knew you would. Enjoy everything about Japan, you are on an amazing trip you lucky boy. Enjoy spending time with your host family - I can't believe no seat belts!
    Miss you lots and completely understand about Skye. This is your time... enjoy.
    Lots of love Mum xx
    PS Rory misses you a lot, Maggie and chooks are fine, and kooka was back again yesterday xx

  4. This is from Rory:
    Hi Archer, I miss you lots. Can you please give me the lego when you are on the plane today? Ummm, when you get home I want to give you a surprise. It will be very chocolately. I will give you a hug and kiss and all days you can have hugs. I love you if you come home and please come and do good jobs with me.
    Love Rory

  5. Archer! you have so much to say. Love the detail. best unsolicited advice from me is..... drink more water. Baaaabhahahahaha lol

  6. G'day mate, great to hear how much fun you are having. Thanks for the Blog, we will print them off and post them to your grandparents to read. I am sure Grandma will have something to add here and I will be sure to edit her response. Sounds like you are having a blast and I appreciate the effort you put in to your Blog. Please keep it coming, I really enjoyed the read.
    Love Dad.
    P.S. I didn't realise you knew all the songs from Frozen.

  7. Hey mate one more thing. I am not sure how much access you have to read these or post regularly so could you please try and write down half a page or so every second day; what you have done and what you have planned. Be good to put that together when you get back.

    Have you been to Tokyo? Is there food we can eat in Japan?
    Max & Oli

  9. Dear Archer,

    Today is Sunday 19th and your Dad has just connected me to his google account, so here we go!

    I am loving the photos and all the posts and comments. I can tell you are having a wonderful time and still have one week to go. All the photos and comments are bringing back such lovely memories for me and the families seem so caring. Max and Oliver are going to that place you went to where you dress up and play etc., hope you had a lot of fun. When you come home I am expecting you to help me make a Japanese dinner for everyone, but we may not be able to present it as beautifully as they do. Aren't their cake shops amazing and colourful. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip and seeing your photos. Lots of love, Grandma xxx

    PS did you know that there is one vending machine for every ten Japanese person!

  10. Hey Arch, it's Cade and Coops, hope the street lamp isn't injured, and Rory REAAAAALLLYYYY wants that LEGO! Hope you have a great trip!

    From Coops and Cade!

  11. Hey Archer hope you are having great time at japan and do you still have the banana thing,
    Have a great time at japan and who was singing (Let's it go!!!) That was so funny

  12. Hey Arch,
    Man you have gone FOREVER! I saw Rory and he really misses you! (Can you fell the love) How is the street light? (I won't tell Cheryl!) (Wink!) (Which means I won't tell her!) (That was weird...) Also you know all the Frozen songs! (Man I don't even know them all, I guess I have to Let It Go!) Hahahahahaha! And Rory has a surprise for you! (When you come home!) The Doodlers are all missing you! (And Dylan) From Josh(i) P.S What DID you do on the plane? =)

  13. Sounds like your having an alright time over in Japan. 12 hours no food and 12 minutes speel, man that's rough, also Cheryl will never find out about... You know:).

    -from Zac Newton

  14. Forgot to say hi!!! :) also I meant sleep not speel :) sleep well!

    -from Zac Newton

  15. G'day Arch, can't wait until you come back.
    P.S did you get one of those apples.

    From Coops