Saturday, October 18, 2014

My birthday

My birthday was great I had a chocolate cake and my host family gave me a camera case and a hand towel for my birthday I'd also like to say happy birthday to my best friend Blade have fun being 12 hope you get lots of p resents happy birthday from Juddy


  1. Jud that is terrific to hear. You have been spoilt! You needed a camera case too. How lovely. Please thank your other family for us. I hope they want to visit melbourne one day.
    I sent your message to blade and the link to the blog. He will definitely see your very thoughtful message. Pa asked about you too. We love you so much.
    Love zahlia and mum and the rest of melbourne xxx

  2. From Blade:
    Hey Judd
    Sounds like you're having fun in Japan. Glade you had a happy birthday. I'm in Sydney to see the monster trucks. From you BF Blade

  3. Happy birthday judd. Have a great time mate see you at school next week