Sunday, October 19, 2014

Leaving my host family

I had to leave my host family so soon.
And I'm pretty devastated.
But I'm probably going to see them again in 2 months when I come back to japan. \(>U<)/
Right now I'm on the bus on the way to Nikko.
Man you should see the scenery here!
The mountains are beautiful!
And I have seen multiple trains that I haven't seen yet.
Also on my first post I forgot to tell you what I did with my host family, on day 1 we got home a bit late from school so I played wii u and unloaded the gifts.
On day2 we went bowling and the game centre,
Day 3 we went to the pool with a slide and day four we did hand lit fireworks and then we ate at kaitenzushi.


  1. That's so cool max - being back in Japan in 2 months!!! Thank you for your news!

  2. That sounds great fun! (I want to go to the swimming pool too! ��)

    From Iris