Saturday, October 18, 2014

What Sam has done so far!

My host family is really kind because on Wednesday night jack g came over with his host family.  Thursday night we went out to have sushi it was yummy. Friday night we went to kendo. And tonight we are going to Kidsania in Tokyo with Jack G.I am having a really good time at school and with my family. Tomorrow we are going to start our tour all around Japan.


  1. Sam the traveller!!! Great news Sam!!!

  2. Sounds like you are having a ball Sam. Bet you will have lots of stories to tell when you get home! Have fun mate! From Matt G (Jack's dad) and Holly

  3. Geez Sam, you're having more fun in four days than I have in four months! Such a lucky boy! Kidsania sounds awesome. I am thrilled you are enjoying yourself so far, and you've so much more to come. You are staying with very generous people Sam and I hope you are becoming very good friends. Remember to thank them properly. Hey, do you think you will enjoy school back home just as much as you do in Japan?