Monday, October 20, 2014

Archer talks about even more stuff

Oh hey guys didn't see you there, I am going to talk about stuff such as ninja school, massive as mountains, crazy sick dogs that cough up fur, squeaking pigs and that's about it.

So yesterday we went to a ninja school things and we watched these two super awesome shows where they fight each other with real samurai swords. There were secret trapdoors in the building where the show was being held. We then walked over a bridge and there were these massive fish with moustaches. There was a souvinere shop with some really cool stuff. I bought some cool as necklaces and a metal sword that is sharp, I don't know how I am supposed to take it over to Australia but who cares cause I already lost it.

The next day/today we went on a long bus trip to a Japanese shrine. It was so cool and there were lots of statues and stuff. Afterwards we got back on the bus and drove all the way up to the top of this huge mountain. There was a massive waterfall right in front of us. The souvinere shop had this squeaky pig thing that I bought. I hid the pig under Riley's bed and when he jumps on it, it will squeak so loud. Afterwards we got back on the bus AGAIN and went to a massive mansion with over 100 rooms! Jud, Cameron and I got lost and Cheryl was worrying like hell. There was a search party for us. Afterwards we went back on the bus AGAIN and went back to the hotel. AND NOW IM WRITING THIS BLOG.


  1. G'day mate, its great to hear you are having a good time. Loving reading the posts, please keep them coming. Not a lot to report from here, I reckon Roars is missing you and will be pretty happy when you get home (as will Maggs and your Mum and I). Have you been reading the comments left by the family? Good luck over the next few days, take lots of pics and keep a journal. Love Mum and Dad.

  2. Hi Archer. I've been reading your blogs. I'm glad you're having fun. How did you break the street light?
    From Bradley