Monday, October 20, 2014

Edo Wonderland

It was amazing and Edo Wonderland. We got to dress up as ninjas with plastic swords that we got to keep. First we had lunch there and had a look around. Then we went to the first show. It was to do with ninjas and was part one of two parts. it was very dramatic. There was a lot do stabbing and stuff like that. There was a guy who was like a ninja but not a ninja that was trying to protect a sacred scroll and the real ninjas were trying to steal it. There were so many hidden traps and portals to go from one side of the room to the other. Both the ninjas died and they thought that other guy did too, but he faked and the sword missed him. Then we saw part two of it. And we saw the ninja leader. Next was the shopping and I bought some toys for my cousins and some chopstick holders too. I also bought some food. Then we went to the youth hostel.


  1. It sounds like an incredible show, Lucy. I'm glad to hear the swords are just plastic though!
    Mr. B

  2. So you're a ninja now! That means you can go on prank patrol. :P Have you met Mr Cherry yet though? He's officially amazing! :D Love you Lucy! xox (WE'RE GETTING A NEW KITCHEN SOON LUCY!!! ISN'T THAT EXCITING? AND I GOT INTO CENTRAL AUSTRALIA TRIP!! :D)
    Stephi (and Dad)

  3. Wow! Sounds awesome to us!!!! Love from judson's mum and sister. Xx