Sunday, October 19, 2014

Archer talks about more stuff

This is about my host family and stuff. 
They are a big family (which is rare in Japan) with 4 kids and the parents. The kids names are Shoun (10), Nanase (8), Jensei (6) and Misato (4). The mother and father are very nice. The father is a highly paid doctor and the mother works at home. They gave me and Sam lots of presents for both of our families, my brother Rory got some really cool presents from them. We have been to a sushi restaurant, sword fighting training and theme park. They can cook really delicious food. When we left our families they were so sad to say goodbye and I already miss them. 


  1. Hi Arch, sounds like you have had an amazing time so far - your host family were very good to you. We really appreciated them emailing us photos each day, it was so nice to see you having so much fun.

    Now a new adventure begins! You will see so many things the next few days, we really hope you are keeping a journal so we can hear all the details when you get home.

    All good here, beautiful weather in Melbourne, pets are all fine, Kooka hasn't been back for a few days. Dad is painting the bathroom today as your darling little brother decided to use a towel as a rope to mountain climb up the wall......the towel railing came out of the wall along with a heap of plaster! So dad has spent the weekend fixing it up.

    Enjoy your last week and I look forward to more photos and updates.

    Love mum xx

  2. Sounds like you're having a ball Archer!!! Xx

  3. Hi Arch! Your trip so far sounds amazing, I am loving reading all your posts :) Look forward to seeing all your photos and hearing more stories when you get back home. Chloe says hello, and that she misses you very much. I asked Pia if she had anything to say and she said "Archer"!!

    Keep having fun and we'll see you soon

    Love Aunty Jen xx

  4. It’s amazing how Japanese people treat their guests, Archer! Keep in touch and these people will be your friends for life. We had a student stay with us over 13 years ago. We have visited her in Japan twice now. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such wonderful friends from a different part of the world.

    Keep enjoying your stay.

    Mrs. Thomas Prep T